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Wine Liquidation Options in New York

Grand Estate Wine Sellers

Liquidating wine collection assets sometimes becomes necessary and can be stressful, let me help you. Hello, My name is Dan Buccieri. I can purchase wine collections and sell them at auctions or represent you as your agent. I am a professional with over 20 years of experience in the wine industry. I have established relationships with other professionals, which makes me an excellent choice for helping you liquidate your wine collection.

Independent Wine Broker

I purchase the wine from private individuals and sell it through an auction house and other sources. I can also act as an independent wine broker. I proudly serve various clients with invaluable consulting and liquidation strategies, as well as assisting you with sales and auction services.

Simplifying the Process

Everybody sells their wine for different reasons. I aim to simplify the process by providing the best wine liquidation services. Whether you have a collection of dozens or one of hundreds, with my experience, I can handle any collection.

Grand Estate Wine Sellers

Other Assets

I can also assist with the liquidation of fine jewelry, gold and silver, coins, stamps, artwork, and other high-end items.